• Parents are requested to pay attention to their child’s regularity, discipline and neatness and take interest in their work.
  • Parents should see the children’s diary every day and note the homework and any other instructions given. They should ensure that sufficient time is set apart for home study.
  • All notes given by teachers in the school Almanac must be duly acknowledged and signed regularly by the parent/guardian.
  • Meeting with teachers: If for any reason, you wish to meet the Principal / Vice-Principal / Headmistress / Class Teacher or Subject Teachers, you are welcome to do so, however, appointments must be made prior to all such meetings. Parents are not permitted to go to the classes or roam around in the building as this disturbs the students. The meeting with the concerned person will be at a specified place at a specific time.
  • Circulars, invitations etc. sent through the children should be acknowledged on the relevant form in the diary.
  • Parent Teacher Meetings: These meetings are held on the scheduled dates. Parents must make it a point to attend all such meetings personally. These meetings are held to discuss the performance and progress of the children and will give parents an opportunity to learn about their child’s development and also help the teachers to give their best towards the overall improvement of the child. Tutors are not to be sent to the school for such meetings.
  • The progress reports given out at the end of each term have to be collected by the parents, personally.